Our Story

From founder and designer Kate Davis


Photo by Polly Cannella

Photo by Polly Cannella

We’ve all been there – you’re walking to your car late at night. You’re on a run. You can’t shake that gut feeling. I want you to get where you’re going with confidence. Every Knockout ring has an edge, for style and strength. 

As a New Yorker and a woman, I’ve felt nervous or unsafe more times than I can count. Keys between my fingers weren’t doing the trick for my style, so I decided at 24 years old to make something better. In 2016, after learning how to carve rings in wax, I was inspired to create the subtle and sharp TKO (Total Knockout). 

I started Knockout in my apartment with no experience making jewelry or running a business. My background is in the arts in Italy and NYC, so design and aesthetics were central to the development of Knockout.

Sleek when you want them to be, sharp if you need them to be, Knockout rings are a conversation starter and stopper.

Home page photo by Carina Mia Wong. Director: Julia Sub.