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These Really Pretty Rings Actually Double As Self-Defense Pieces

October 30, 2018 by JEANINE EDWARDS

With names like “Jab” and “TKO,” it makes total sense that these rings are dual-purpose. They’re cleverly designed with sharper angles and pointy tips so that if you ever need to throw a punch, these rings will ensure whoever is on the receiving end doesn’t come back for more. 

‘Knockout’ Founder Kate Davis Discusses Self-Defense, Female Empowerment


"Many women can identify with the feeling – the 'put your keys between your fingers and keep them balled up in a sharp-edged fist by your side,' the 'call me when you walk to your car,' the 'lock your doors as soon as you get in and don’t sit idle' talks.

New York City-based jewelry designer Kate Davis had exactly these conversations in mind when she designed her stunning, sleek, minimalist line of “Knockout” rings. Boasting a “collection of rings designed with self-defense in mind — each with an elegantly versatile edge that transitions from sleek to sharp in an instant,” Knockout rings come in a variety of shapes and styles that can complement any wardrobe." 

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